a web novel series of broomsticks, semiautomatics, and jetpacks.
by stefan gagne

The Book Store

By popular demand, and thanks to the modern age of self publishing, anachronauts is now available in print publication! In addition to the stories you know and love from the website, each book includes one bonus story -- packed with secrets, mysteries, and background information about the world of anachronauts. You haven't read the full story until you've read the books!

Books are available in three formats: Printed Books, which are 6"x9" with attractive color covers and actually exist in the real world. Kindle eBooks, which can be read on PCs, iPhones, Kindles, and other devices. And as Donation Gifts, which get you to an emailed copy of the bonus story alone. (One book's bonus story per donation only.)

NOTE: Prices are subject to change as more titles are added, sales are run, I get amazingly famous, etc.

the first age
The adventure that started it
all. Includes bonus story
exploring the mysterious
origins of the world!


forsaken shores
Exploring the western reaches
and the evils within. Includes
bonus story about the future of
the Moonthistle family!

Buy Book $12
Buy Kindle $5
Buy Book $12
Buy Kindle $5
london's fog book cover

london's fog
Journey overseas to stop a war
before it can begin. Includes
bonus story about the future of
the multiverse!

   stars fall

stars fall
The final chapter in the
anachronauts saga.
Includes bonus story
concluding the future tale!

(sale price!)
Buy Book $13
Buy Kindle $5
(new book!)
Buy Book $17
Buy Kindle $10

Since copy protection never holds out against determined crackers and just annoys legitimate customers, I am relying on the honor system here. Please do not pirate copies of my writing. This publication is an experiment, and if it goes poorly, I may have to stick to print-only for the future without digital alternatives. Thanks for your ongoing support and understanding.

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