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Oh, Hello There, I Didn't See You There, Make Yourself At Home.

So you heard from a friend about this story series they thought you'd like. Or you might've seen an ad somewhere about a crazy genre mashup adventure tale, and thought, "Hm, that's vaguely interesting." Or maybe you just hit "I'm feeling lucky" on Google and got VERY lucky.

One way or another, you're now waist deep in anachronauts, an original web fiction series by Stefan Gagne. There is no cause for alarm, despite your situation. Here's how we recommend dealing with this predicament. (Management will not be held responsible for personal injury due to ignoring the recommended processes. Please sign waiver before continuing.)

If you're feeling adventurous and want to wade in and enjoy all surprises as they happen, you can roll right on through to the first chapter of the first series, the first age - a01 anachronisms. By the end of that little romp you should have an idea of whether or not you want to continue -- if you do, use the handy and shiny NEXT and PREV. buttons at the top and bottom of each story to continue.

Hmm. Still here? Want to learn more before you venture into the wild? Okay, then. We're prepared for that.

Story Background: The Who, The Where, The When, The What.

Are you comfortable? Get comfortable, we'll wait. Pop a refreshing beverage of your choice. Feet up. Did you walk the dog? May want to do that first. You could end up here for awhile.

See, what you're about to read is a gripping adventure tale. There's swashing of buckles and kissing of girls and casting of spells and firing of guns and all sorts of other exciting things. Do you like excitement? I certainly hope so, because there's plenty of it awaiting you! Do you like engaging characters that evolve during an epic-length multiyear journey? Got those, too.

It's two hundred years after a bizarre cataclysm known as the Pandora Event took a perfectly reasonable and sensible planet Earth and smashed it headfirst into the World of Faerie, introducing myth and magic to the modern era. With the maps truthfully being able to say "There Be Dragons" to the west, and "There Be Sea Monsters" to the east, America's been bunkered down in isolation for two hundred years.

It kinda sucks to live in this world, but hey, it's home.

A huddled creche of humanity desperately trying to survive centuries of hot and cold warfare with all manner of elves and fae and such would be bad enough... but little do they know that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's all sorts of other things that came along for the ride. Demons and angels, crazed robotic cities, pirates flying high on wings of steam, mutants and monsters and dragons and Elder Things and stuff that completely defies physical description...

...but we'd be getting ahead of ourselves if we told you about them. Let's just say that behind the mess is more mess for our heroes to sort out.

And won't it be so very interesting to watch them sort it out? Better them than you, mind.

Story Timeline: The Gas Station Road Map Of Interesting Places

anachronauts is split into a number of different story series. ...serieses. Serieseses. You know.

Your journey begins with the first age, in which our heroes crawl around the eastern seaboard of America, dealing with the ongoing conflict between Faerie and humankind. You'll find shiny buttons at the top and bottom of any story page that'll point the way to the next bit, including this very page, which will lead you on to the first age: a01 anachronisms.

After that, you may want to visit the book shop, where printed versions are available -- which include bonus chapters you won't find on this website, which give more details into the mysteries and secrets of the world. Ooo. Neat.

From there, you can start reading the next series, the forsaken shores, although we don't recommend starting there as it'd be spoilerrific. We've also got a series of standalone one-shot stories to keep your appetite going called the second age, which start from the same spot in the timeline as forsaken shores and shares an opening chapter.

Into the beyond, you'll be enjoying the overseas romps of london's fog and wrapping things up with the grand finale, stars fall. Which is not actually written yet at the moment, so you'll want to keep coming back for more. Hopefully.

Website Features: Your Digital Buddies Will Not Steer You Wrong

The main page of the website, as you may or may not have seen, always links to the most recent updated draft. You can read drafts of the stories as they are written -- new scenes or new blog content are posted Tuesdays and Fridays. The blog appears on the bottom half of the page, and we welcome your feedback. It's based on LiveJournal but anonymous comments are just dandy as well if you don't want an account there.

While hanging around, you may want to consider enjoying the artwork (or submitting some of your own), or reading the amusing first age companion piece, the witchipedia. Or following me on twitter. Or emailing me. Or buying a book. Or fixing yourself a good, hot meal and taking a shower if you've been on this site for hours and didn't notice the time.

That's about all you need to know. If you're ready to take the ride, use the NEXT button below. We're happy to have you along.

Welcome to anachronauts.

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