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Welcome to Witchipedia!

When bookmarking this site, please be aware of our extensive mirror sites. Mirrors yo-yo often as THE MAN comes down on us pointy ears and keeps us from telling you how it is for reals. Also, be aware that just reading this site may count as a federal crime in many areas of Eastusa, and presumably Westusa.

This site was co-written using handwritten notes from Emily the Witch and editorial addendums by the most awesome Fae on the Internet, SexyElf86. Our hope is to promote better Human-Fae relations, by clearing up many misconceptions. There's a focus on training witches, human magic users, by teaching them what they need to know to survive living between two different societies.

Witchipedia will be updated as Emily sends in new articles to be posted, and as SexyElf86 can take time off of his busy schedule of being too awesome for words.

Last Update: August 30th. We're fixing up some inaccuracies regarding the isolation of Eastusa from the rest of the world -- I got bored one weekend and did some heavy digging, trying to figure out exactly when communications went splat and how hard. Wow, we're really, really cut off, like, more than I thought we were! Anyway, I tweaked Emily's writing a little on the following entries (it's cool, she said I could do it) -- Pandora Event, Westusa, Internet. Oh, and I added some notes she wrote up awhile ago about Kraken, while I was busy looking into isolating factors.

There's a lot of revisions that need to be done to this site after everything that went down in New Orleans last weekend. I mean, whoa, like, massive revisions. But I'm thinking I may need to start a whole new site for that -- I'm going to leave this one up for now, as a historical document, until I figure out what direction to take. It's a whole new age!


SexyElf86 is extremely sexy and has a lot of difficulty getting a wireless Internet connection that reaches all the way into the wildlands. He considers himself to be a modern Fae and as such is equally interested in his own culture and that of the humans. He has mastered your slang, human G-thangs, and he reps the Glade of Good Tidings, straight up. He is an aspiring musician and has been attempting to find a way to connect an electric guitar to a soundcarry gourd and if anybody can figure out what combination of RC jacks and spells are needed, please email him immediately at sexyelf86@freeweboffers.email.

Emily is a practicing witch who advocates safe spellcasting and encourages better Human-Fae relations despite her constant bossing people around like ordinary, highly sexy web crawling elves who maintain this site out of their own free time and at great risk. She could be a total hottie if she'd just wear something nicer than those frumpy old country human clothes, but hey, do YOU want to be the one to tell a witch what to wear? Yeah. Figured. It also would not kill her to write or call now and then to say hello.

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