city of angles by stefan gagne


The Citadel is lying to you.

They are not our friends. They are not our allies. They are here to rob, plunder, and pillage. They are here to enslave us to fight in their war.

This website contains all the evidence we’ve collected proving their intent. You’ll find profiles of missing persons, vanished into their prison camps. You’ll find testimony from their own soldiers. You’ll find video of their cold blooded murders of our young.

We aren’t expecting you to take up arms. This isn’t a war we can win with bullets or bombs. There are subtler ways to win a war, and this website is one of the weapons in our arsenal. You’ll find printable downloads, to help get the word out. The truth is our greatest weapon.

We must resist. We must choose to live. We are the City of Angles, and we will not go quietly.


Copyright 2014 by Stefan Gagne