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Floating Point – A Cyberpunk Webnovel by Stefan Gagne

Floating Point

a cyberpunk web novel by stefan gagne

The digital universe of Netwerk. Thousands of servers, millions of living Programs (the evolutionary descendents of Apps) living in relative disharmony as one massive social network. It’s home to individuals seeking love, happiness, madness, trolling, order, stability, lawlessness, anonymity, individually, community, and everything in between. Binary people making binary decisions… but life is what happens between Zero and One. Life happens within the floating point decimals…

Story Chapters

Welcome to
Floating Point
Revelation of
Floating Point
Exodus from
Floating Point
Floating Point FAQ :: TVTropes Page
unlinked titles are not yet written, and subject to change.

News Updates

February 24 / Draft Continues :: 3.6 Ends

The book’s almost done! Get ready!

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