the HeX coda a sci-fi game for neverwinter nights(tm) by stefan gagne
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 Powerful multinational corporations aligned with corrupt politicians to gain power and control. A team of rebels, security system hackers, and hexcode compilers operating outside the law. Mutated beasts created by waste spills. Hulking mechanical security automatons with built in energy beam blasters. Dance clubs throbbing with synthesized music. Elven wizards who cast magic missile spells and summon dire tigers. ... wait, what? Huh?

Enter the world of the HeX coda, a campaign of single player story based Neverwinter Nights™ modules by Stefan Gagne, creator of Penultima, Penultima ReRolled, Elegia Eternum and Excrucio Eternum.

It's a sci-fi / fantasy genre blend that takes you through a world where magic is illegal and nothing is quite as simple and straightforward as you may wish for. Get ready for action, romance, drama, comedy, and plenty of robots to break your keen +2 longsword vs. chaos against.

To prepare for your journey, why not read more about the world of the hex coda, and view some artwork? Or just dive right into the modules themselves -- and if you get stuck, hints are available.

NEWS (Updated 1/17/05)

New portraits added to the Gallery for Kith, Pandy, and Nadia!

A Relationship Point Guide is now available!

Also, check the Modules page for HXM, an optional card battle game set in the Hex Coda universe -- and for a link to HX2 OpenDev, an ongoing in-development version of HX2 that you can be a part of! Also, note that the series will end with HX2 after a reshuffling of story elements.

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