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Tucked away in a forgotten corner of the forgotten realms
lies a country with a forgotten past...

(last updated: 7/9/2003)

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Penultima... it's a kingdom where nothing of great importance ever happens. A place where the primary challenges of the day are not fighting for your life against hordes of orcs or scouring the local dungeon for shiny metal, but trying to find a good cup of coffee or debating proposed tax reform laws.

Oh, there are warriors and monsters and wizards and adventures aplenty -- but they're halfhearted echoes of the greater glories available elsewhere in the world. A perpetual lazy afternoon seems to settle over Penultima... an aura of modernized living, proper civilization, nothing out of place, nothing too alarming, nothing too exciting.

Shame it's all about to go to hell.


The Penultima Campaign is a six-module adventure for Neverwinter Nights that combines action, fantasy genre parody, roleplaying and a little drama into an ongoing story. Modules will be added to this webpage as they are completed; check back for updates each week.

Each module features extensive scripting for interactive encounters (even in battle!), map layouts that have been tuned and tested for weeks prior to official release, and a play experience called "better than chapter one of the official campaign" by more than a few playtesters. The campaign begins at a difficulty suitable for a lv3-6 character (or a party) working cooperatively, and progresses upward from there.


Latest News and Updates, for July 9, 2003:

  • All Penultima modules are bugfixed and updated to work with NWN 1.30.
  • Don't forget all the great NPC portraits in The Gallery! Thanks, Rob! You can order prints from his site, too!
  • You can read my LiveJournal for regular updates on this and other projects, and insight into my wretched day to day existence! Whee! Feel free to add me to your friends list to get updates automatically.

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Penultima story & characters
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