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Normally, you'd expect to drop a few dollars on a paperbound version of Sailor Nothing in a store, which can be easily set on fire, dropped in the bathtub or eaten by wild goats. Instead, you've been enjoying this original work of fiction totally free of charge with the convenience of the web. This is the future of publishing -- but right now, there isn't an economic model in place for 'tipping' the authors, as you would a musician playing at a bar or any other form of public artistic expression.

That's where PayPal comes in. Used by millions of diehard eBay fanatics as a secure method of transacting everything from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, it's a secure and simple way of making a 'digital tip jar'. Donate funds directly to Stefan Gagne, artist at large.

You don't get anything in return, except of course for the satisfaction of good karma and supporting of the arts and my eternal gratitude. You can donate any amount you want, but PayPal skims 33 cents off the top of so, keep in mind. I can't promise anything in return except to do the best I can as a writer to keep the good stuff coming. Thank you for your support, and thanks for reading!

Use this button to go to PayPal and learn more. Don't worry, this thing is secured tight like Fort Knox and is a relatively painless process...

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