Without an idea for a scene in Chaos #7, page A, I decided to stick up a mini-contest.  People were invited to send me ideas of ways Lina, Gourry and Myth could kill six hours in Sailoon.  It was suggested that the submissions be funny, and develop the characters a little, and be short enough to do.
    I'd like to thank EVERYBODY who sent in something!  Good stuff.  The following people entered the contest...
Jonatan Streith Myranda Kalis Harijubal Coyote
Kim C. Clements Nicholas Eckert Cory Panshin Karen Waters
Chris Vincent Firefury and One chelle mervis AniManiacW
    In the end, though, no one idea seemed perfect.  Several of them were!  So, here are the winners, and the elements they contributed to the scene.  (If you didn't win, don't worry!  You're just an inferior creature worthy of contempt!)
"Involve Angela and Bugger." "Two Words : Karoke Competition." "Wake-Me-Up Coffee!"
from Jonatan Streith from Karen Waters from Harijubal
    And what's more, some people even mailed me WRITING they had done -- ready to plug into place!  Here are the story-based entries I got.  Usually they didn't fit the tone or character projections I had made up, but they're still hillariously entertaining and definitely worth a read!  Thanks to these authors.  
Story copyright 1998 Stefan Gagne, characters copyright H. Kanzaka / R. Araizumi.
A Spoof Chase Production.