HEY!  Good to see you.  Welcome to a page of firsts.  The first time I took on a single anime series other than Ranma 1/2, the first time I wrote the fanfic from the ground up in HTML, the first time I really did tons of research and preplanning before launching willy nilly into the story itself.  I'm glad to be off on this endeavor and glad to see you here.
    This series should appeal to casual fans of Slayers and hardcore fans alike.  A firm grounding in the first four tapes is nice, but really not required; we've got some basic starter info you can refresh your memory on and fill in any gaps, along with links.  Slayers otaku note that this series, emulating a 'season' of Slayers, can takes place after Slayers Try but primarily draws from the other two seasons.  Many thanks go to Andre Germain for his invaluable help in research!
     The tone of the series wobbles around between wild spoofy fun and serious, dark undertakings.  Slayers itself also does this, interspersing comic relief (and the occasional purely screwball episode) amoung a very well designed, complicated fantasy epic.  One of the goals I set in starting this project is to try to capture classic Slayers comedy, intrigue and action as best I can.
    Because I'm leaving this flexible and web-based, some episodes may be revised from time to time.  New ones will be added gradually and if you're a maniac and tune in many times a day x.x you might see a page in progress -- signs will be posted to make sure folks realize which pages are being edited, which are done but being tweaked and which are final.  I considered just not opening the page or telling anyone until it's finished, but since it's episodial and I prefer to have the pages stay in one place for readers and PRE readers alike... you're ALL PREREADERS!  NYAAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!  ...most stories will be posted to here and the FanFic Mailing List simultaneously once complete, but will not show up on rec.arts.anime.creative until I'm sure it's in ultimate, final form.  Bookmark this page and check back often, minna! ^_^
    Specific thanks go to the following pages from whom I've filched images for use in the story.  Thank you thank you!  Keep on scanning and providing groovy new Slayers material for us fans! ^_^

    While attempts have been made to keep Slayers Reflect and Chaos (and ReBirth) accurate to the anime series and partly to the original novels themselves, slips occur.  Any ones not deemed signifigant enough to merit going back and reediting a passage, or violations of canon that lend themselves to really swell plot points or humorous exchanges will be ignored.  I may be a perfectionist sometimes, but I'm not really all that strict about obscure or controversial details.
    As a result, you might see some things which are rumored to be true being true, or some things which don't fit a translation of a japanese-only factbook.  Slayers is a very involved, complex series, and is open to interpretation even within the material available; a lot of the translations that are available to intense web.researchers contradict themselves.  So, I've decided to stop worrying about wether this or that is possible and just produce a work which is enjoyable to read.
    If this is a problem for you, and you feel that inability to adhere to the many japanese sources of Slayers perfectly disables your ability to enjoy the story, I have two responses.  One, that this work could be viewed as an elseworlds of sorts where the rules of the Slayers universe are bent in the ways that you see, as are character background notes and so on which don't fit what you know.  Two, if you still have a problem, bite me.  Thank you and have a nice read. ^_^;

    These are the assumptions about Slayers history, physics and metaphysics I'll work from to keep this stuff consistent with
itself.  Hopefully they are not far off the mark of the realities behind the series. Please don't e-mail me to 'correct' me on this, because there's simply too much information out there to verify any of it.  The stories themselves may expand upon these points or expose unknown (fictional as directed by this series) truths behind them.  Some spoilers ahoy!!!  
Story copyright 1998 Stefan Gagne, characters copyright H. Kanzaka / R. Araizumi.
A Spoof Chase Production.