"Hello, little anime web.monkey!
It's me, your host, Xelloss!  With me is my lovely assistant, Amelia.  Say hello, Amelia-chan."
"Hi! Ano, Xelloss-san, what's going on?"
"That's a good question, and I'm glad you asked it!  I have a little puzzle here that I'd like you to muddle over because it entertains me.  If you've been a diligent fictional addict, perhaps you know enough to challenge my little quiz.
Behold five questions about Slayers Reflect, on these little cards I'm about to pass to Amelia.  Not easy questions, mind you, you're going to have to really think about what's going on under the surface to get them.  Answer all of them, and then when you think you have the correct answers, compile the five numbers you picked (say, if you picked 1 for the first question, put a 1 first, and so on... do you really need this much hand-holding, silly human?) and fill in the little x's in this URL :
See?  Even someone as simple as you could do it!  And if you do it right, perhaps you'll find something interesting.  What is it, you ask?  That, as they say, is a secret.  Good luck.  And try to look especially frustrated when you get a 404 error... it's so funny.  Amelia, take it away!"
"Umm... okay.  The first question!..."
The character of Melvin Mallorean is present in how many episodes so far?
  1. One (He's clearly at least in #1 and #2.)
  2. Two (After Reflect #2, he was replaced by an imposter.)
  3. Three (Here, it's Xelloss wandering around as him.)
  4. Four (Xelloss is busy on the ship and wandering around in dreams here.)
  5. None! (What planet are you from?)
Which of these is not actually a legendary lost lore(tm)? (note, they're not all LOST.)
  1. Image Magic (No; this is what Luke had forged.)
  2. Mirror Magic (No, this is Silverquick's.)
  3. Shamanism (Allyson forged this. Even if it's commonly used.)
  4. Giga's Reality Magic (The first lost legendary lore, by Giga.)
  5. Black Magic (...but THIS was made by L-sama, not a human! Ding.)
When Zelgadis said Gourry 'wasn't doing his job', what did he mean?
  1. Gourry wasn't able to protect Lina from harm (Too dashing.)
  2. Zelgadis was jealous of Gourry's swordsmanship at Insect level (Zel? Jealous?)
  3. Zelgadis thought Gourry was responsible for listening to Lina prattle on (Bzzt.)
  4. Gourry should be there when Lina needs a shoulder to lean on (Yes. Gourry IS her love int.)
  5. Gourry was too clueless to understand this quest (Well, yes, but not RE: this.)
Who is Gourry's 'mirror self', if Lina's is from another world?
  1. The sexist, loudmouthed Goon he met in Episode #1 (Yes. Same home, almost-same values.)
  2. A black-haired barbarian warrior who eats cows whole (What? This isn't Conan.)
  3. An evil and twisted murderer who laughs a lot (Not quite... too dissimilar.)
  4. The captain of the SS Guppy, a scientist (Dayvid's smart, but not the worst within.)
  5. Naga the White Serpent (OHOHOHHOHOHOO...no.)
Who are the surviving members of the group in the mirrored world?
  1. Lina, Gourry, Amelia (Gourry died, Xelloss hadn't met yet.)
  2. Lina, Amelia, Naga, Xelloss (Yes; Lina hadn't met/had left each by then.)
  3. Lina, Zelgadis, Xelloss (Zel's toast.)
  4. Lina, Naga, Xelloss (Don't forget Amelia. Aqua's flashback wasn't accurate.)
  5. Only Lina survived (As you'll shortly see... no. >:)
"...thank you, Amelia.  Now, put those two pounds of grey material that are slumped in your brain to good use, and let's see what we can see, mmm?  Or just head back to the index if you can't hack it..."
(Many of these questions are about the non-surface issues in Reflect, things that help in understanding the overall points of the series.  If you've got them all right, that means Stefan-san did a decent job as a writer in conveying such things... ^_^;)
Story copyright 1998 Stefan Gagne, characters copyright H. Kanzaka / R. Araizumi.
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