Online and ready to go with registered Winsock FTPD, the Bargain Bin is open for business. We're not open fulltime, but that doesn't mean you can't try to connect...

The Bargain Bin features :

Welcome to Spatula City's Bargin Bin!  The official README.TXT file.

This isn't a private FTP server, but it IS a restricted one.  It will be
up when I put it up, basically, and is mostly for the enjoyment of my
friends and colleages and partners in crime and web patrons.  I'd like to
ask that you observe a few rules :

1.  Uploads are allowed in the /pub/incoming directory.  See the change-dir
    info for that directory for more information.

2.  Maximum connections allowed are currently 25.  I may have to lower that
    if WFTPD really hauls down my system.  Your timeout is set to 180
    seconds, so download quick and run, kids. :)

3.  I have JPGged indexes up, contact sheets for every image file,
    and have tried to index with descriptions any other file I have.
    I advise looking at these to avoid download spam of stuff you already
    have, because
    A. I've renamed some of my files
    B. 80% of this stuff is on or lysator
    C. 20% is from rare sources or otherwise, making it plausible that you
       don't have it.
    I'll try to keep the contact sheets up to date, but as new files
    arrive, some may slip between the cracks.

4.  I have no 'warez' or 'xxxjifs' of Deanna Troi on this machine.  (Dax
    is much hotter, anyway.)  Heck, I don't even have any xxjifs of anybody
    female, male or animal.  Please do not hack my server looking for them.
    It would waste your time, mine, and would send you to hell.  No, really.

7.  There is no rule five.

Now get leeching, ya little net.deviant.  Have fun.

    - The Staff

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Whenever we feel like it AM to Whenever we feel like it PM

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