Whoa! Before you go, are you sure you've gotten everything on your list? Wouldn't you HATE to go home, look in your bag, exclaim "OH NO! I forgot to get more ammunition for my BFS9000!" and NOT have anything you can use to protect your home, thereby letting some mad asylum escapee sneak into your house to steal your things and kill your housepets and rape your microwave and you won't have anything to stop him because YOU DIDN'T DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHOPPPING LIST?!?! Well, we here at Spatula City don't want to see THAT happen. So, here's your list of things to buy. Check it. Your family is counting on you.

This list can be presented in two different ways.

Via Spatula City's NEW GIZMO THAT WARRANTS BLINK TAGS, the VDOO(tm) Hotlist. A shockingly low tech virtual reality interface that lets your peruse the hotlist as physical objects you can examine and touch! Or at least examine.

Or as a lame HTML list of links.

The choice is yours : VR Hotlist or Lame But Bandwidth Saving Hotlist?

(an overhead shot of the VR hotlist)

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