MuffiNET, the world's first all-muffins WWW page, is proud to present a variety of links about everybody's favorite foodstuff : MUFFINS. Muffin this, muffin that, muffins for breakfast, muffins for lunch and dinner, muffins before tea and muffins after sex, muffins muffins muffins. My god, the sheer pleasure that can be found in eating a single muffin... but you CAN'T eat just one! No, then it's on to another muffin, and another muffin, just sucking up as many muffins as you can until you reach a Muffin Climax and nearly have to throw up, and then you feel empty and wasted inside, with knowledge that in a few more hours, the craving will begin again. Admit it. You are hooked on muffins. Let MuffiNET be your muffin fix. We'll be your muffin pusher. Come on. You know you want it. Go ahead, click a muffin, get it over with. What's there to lose? They have fiber, too.

(MuffiNET links and concept by Lee Coursey.

(MuffiNET) My Favorite Muffin
(MuffiNET) Whistling Wings Farm
(MuffiNET) Amy Gale's Muffin Index
(MuffiNET) Liam's Favourite Muffin Recipe
(MuffiNET) The Perfect English Muffin Pizza
(MuffiNET) Breakfast Muffin Recipes
(MuffiNET) Indiana Muffin Index
(MuffiNET) FTPable Muffins

   The quest for muffins goes on
   To the land beyond the sea...
   On a white ship will I sail
   Keep the muffins hot for me
   Roads I've travelled I must leave
   For the local supply of muffins is at end
   Weep not empty tears but grieve
   When the muffin supply comes to an end

        - iterated by John Biles in honor of MuffiNET

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