Welcome to Ucchan's! You one stop okonomiyaki snack shop. What is okonomiyaki, you might ask? Okonomiyaki is hard to describe. It's a cross between a pancake and a pizza, a flat, circular treat you can top with anything you want; noodles, corn, pork chops, Doritos(tm), whatever. They're very popular in Japan and are quite economical. For more info on what an okonomiyaki is, consult the Checkout Lanes for a link to Ukyou's home page.

Thanks to the miracle of restaurant chaining and silly menus, Spatula City is proud to present Ucchan's to you in all its simmering glory. To use, simply click on the word Menu below, and pick out your customized dinner!

Please excuse the lame-ass HTML substitute for proper CGI-BIN, and enjoy your meal.

NOTE - Please don't click on the duck at the bottom to return to Spatula City while ordering. I am NOT gonna go update 120 files to reflect the new URL at PixelScapes. :)

"Waiter, may I see the please?"

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