WEB, World Wide. (Werld-WYDE-Webb.) 1. n. "The World Wide Web is a demonically large textbook with a million pages, each plastered with a variety of useful and useless information. The pages don't number from 1 to 100, but in some twisted Escheresque formation that would probably look cool on a t-shirt if plotted in two dimensions. As a result, you could set foot on a safe looking homepage for some research facility, then five pages later be stuck in 'Eddie's Page for Pain Enthusiasts' or 'The Joy of Cooking with Cat Meat'. It's a wacky zany funzone with very few rules and lots of packets zooming around at speeds your mother would go pale hearing about. All you need is a Mosaicish viewer, a link to the net, and nerves of steel. As a safety precaution, never try webbing while stoned."

SOURCE : The Oxford English Dictionary, 1998 Edition. Editor : Reginald 'The Smouldering Dipstick' Whilliker.

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