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"Billy, eat your vegetables, or you can't have any Krap for desert."

In the same way RealWare has a dominant monopoly over reality products, Krap Foods Inc. has a dominant hold over snacks. They have hundreds of brands of cakes, cookies, crackers, candies, chips, chewy things, gooey things, sugary spray pastes and so on. New brands are introduced on a seasonly basis, so if you really like 'Frosted Lemon Power Wads' you'd better stock up NOW, because they'll likely vanish forever in a month or two. This, plus the helpful orange KRAP logo on each product, is why such snacks are collectively known as Krap in general.

Although it's something of an urban legend, Krap does not actually put addictive narcotics in their foodstuffs to keep people coming back for more. They don't have to; the market for snacks is lucrative, especially snacks sold multiverse wide, giving tourists in unfamiliar realities a fallback when the local cuisine is just too weird to consume.

Krap is more interested in selling edibles in plastic wrappers than going into the restaurant business. For that market, Joe's is the only way to go.

Krap is technically a subsidiary of RealWare, but their business is so disconnected from RealWare's primary industries that it's more like an independent company paying a tithe to its lord and master.