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Berayu "Abnormal Beliefs: Act One" (4/14/2004)
When Werner Newland (a well-known Reality Designer and a little-known Reality Adept) tries to get to the bottom of his mysterious visions, he becomes embroiled in a secret war between an eons-old Buddhist-like Adept-worshipping religion and a recent vigilante group dedicated to his, and their, untimely death. Act one of a three-act saga.
Batesies, Nagasaki
Lawrence Chu "Travel-sick: Sunday" (4/22/2004)
Twoday's Journalist Fontana D'Olean is on assignment to Antiparadisia. Seeing as he'll be dealing with explosions, hookers, criminal kingpins, angry mobs, and a really bad hangover, this may very well be the most aggravating assignment of his career...
Don Macchiato
Stefan Gagne "Honor Among..." (6/7/2004)
Ninjas do not exist. Everybody knows that. But despite this, rivalry between the nonexistent clans exists... treason, betrayal, love, friendship, hate, and honor clashing for importance. A three year duel is about to end, one way or another...
Kisei, Satsui, Tachi, Red Fist, White Lotus, Yao Jing, Crime Scene Fan Circle
"Daymares" (6/7/2004)
The Restless Homicide Division has two emotional settings: boredom and frustration. But when a case that goes outside the norm walks right through their front door, nothing will be the same-old same-old again for one cop. (Contains mature content.)
Holden O'Neal, Restless Homicide Division, Legality Stream, Cases From Beyond
"Heart of Beta" (4/27/2004)
Gifted children are only praised as long as they remain gifted. What do you do with yourself when you've been declared worthless? If you're lucky, you meet the one person who will care, who will help pick you up. This is the story of a girl -- her childhood, her problem, and her life.
Beta, Eula, ???
"Sk1llz to $$$ the B1llz" (4/24/2004)
Backstabbing, brawling, sniping, griefing, cutting to bits, breaking away, getting revenge, standing up, falling down. All in a day's work for Duke, all in a reality's norm for Tribal Alpha. However, three stinking rich kids have their sights set on the Ladder of Triumph, and will stoop as low as they have to to dominate it.
Chad, Mitch, Muffy, ???, ???
"The Normality Equation" (4/8/2004)
When Restless has engine crashes, they call in Tomas Clearance to solve the problem. But the truth, the REAL truth involves people with bizarre powers, vigilante hunters, and secrets within secrets...
David Schwager "The House" (4/15/2004)
Its full name is "The House of Infinite Horizons," but nobody calls it that. The people who have heard of it call it "the infinite house" and speak of it in tones varying from disbelief to dismissal, depending on the speaker...
Valerie, Steam Guy, Rictor, Joel
Steven Scougall "Evercrack" (6/30/2004)
Its real name is absolutely ridiculous, it's called 'Evercrack' instead for reasons that are long forgotten, and it is the reality you go to to escape reality for a little while. A Twoday's journalist visits to update its entry, and gets exactly what she bargained for...
Evercrack, Jeyanne, Robador, Toma, Vulcanisia
Zcipher "OMC: M15T4K3N 1D3NT1T135, Version 1.0" (6/7/2004)
Mori came to Tribal Alpha to escape his guilt, but Reality has a way of intruding in the most unlikely ways . . . Part one of M15T4K3N 1D3NT1T135.
Mori, Victor, Gen, LifeShields, Blade Dancers, OMC, Fujita Eng.


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Myth UE:OH T-Shirt Characters (Updated 6/7/2004)
Sketches: Satsui, Beta, Duke, M, Mellow Fellow (More Coming Soon)
Final Color: Satsui, Beta, Duke, M, Mellow Fellow (Coming Soon)
Final Group Shot (Coming Soon)


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