by Steven Scougall

From the files of Unreal Estate: Open House,
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Reporter: Jean Grosvenor

First things first. No doubt those who are readng this review are scratching their heads and wondering about the name of this reality. Additionally, it seems to be a Twoday's tradition to start reviews of this reality by talking about the name, and who am I to buck tradition?

So, the name. It is indeed a bit of a mouthful, isn't it? On top of that, the origins of it have been lost to time, and none of the people I spoke to were able to tell me what it all meant. For example, there is no section of the reality that is actually called Norrathorileyhawk. Additionally, the regulars all agree that dragons are not very powerful and not really worthy of being included in the full name of the reality.

The common name for this reality is Evercrack. However, the origins of this nickname are similarly lost to time.

For the sake of simplicity I will be referring to the reality by this common name for the rest of this review.

Evercrack is a bit different from most other realities. It is not actually you that's travelling through exotic locales and fighting monstrous beasts for your very life. Instead, a holographic virtual character is created for you. Through advanced technology you control every movement of that character, and experience everything that character experiences as if it was happening to you. This works even if the character you control is a sixty-tonne dragon.

You might be wondering about the character being holographic. How then, the question goes, is one able to do anything? The answer is that most of the reality is holographic as well. Only the entrance hall, the administration area and the docks are real. Everything else is 'fake', controlled by a supremely complicated system that involves at least three Reality Engines, all operating at different levels from each other. Or something. I can't even begin to understand it.

Upon arrival at the docks of Evercrack, first-timers will have to go through the process of creating a character. There are thousands of choices to make, and creation can easily take a whole day. It is also easy to make a bad choice that you will regret later on. For this reason, first-time visitors are reccomended to find a guide for this vitally important step.