sdstef-new-wordpressHallo there. I’m Stefan Gagne, occasionally known by my old alias Twoflower. For twenty years running, I’ve been writing original fiction and sharing it online. Here, you can find all of it — from my earliest efforts to my more modern and polished works, including novels you can own and add to your digital and physical libraries.


Floating PointFloating Point is a cyberpunk novel series of ones, zeroes, and all the bits in between. When the information age crashes head-on into a society of sentient computer programs, how will life change for this virtual society? Digital numbers are clean, but life is surprisingly messy…

wordpress-cityofanglesCity of Angles is horror, comedy, and drama piled into a bizarre city that reflects the modern world through a funhouse mirror. Random buildings jammed next to each other without rhyme or reason, roads and hallways to nowhere, individual rooms linked in strange ways. Exploration is a bad thing if you wanna avoid being Picasso’d.

wordpress-anachronautsAnachronauts is a genre mashup adventure story — starts with the Faerie Court invading our world, and only gets crazier from there on out. One of the longest running series I’ve ever written, complete with retail books, bonus stories, and all sorts of great stuff.

wordpress-unrealestateUnreal Estate is a scifi action comedy reality bending love story, with a twist. How many adjectives can we load in there? Apparently, a lot. Very anime influenced, but an original novel deep in a western science fiction background, telling an epic story of a unique multiverse.

wordpress-sailornothingSailor Nothing shows how being a sailor suited warrior of love and justice is one of the most miserable, thankless, dangerous, and emotionally crippling jobs ever. A bitter little trip into the darker side of magical girl anime. (Reader discretion advised due to mature content. Original novel, NOT a Sailor Moon fanfic.)

wordpress-otherAs for the rest… I’ve been writing stuff for a very long time. Very, very long time. And a lot of the older work is hideously embarrassing. But it DID happen, so here you go!