The Ultimate Codex of Twoflowerian Fiction4/23/1998. IMPORTANT NOTE. Spatula City is officially -- get this -- NOT UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  That means it won't be updated or changed.  In fact, most of the content on here is three years old.  So, why leave it on the web, when in this day and age new and big and better is key?  Well, parts of it are incredibly popular, such as the Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything, despite this.  Also, it's sort of a museum peice, an example of the early '90s web humor, when most of the folks publishing were college aged, had a lot of free time and a lot of really deviant ideas.  So, peruse, enjoy, and remember your roots. :)


We're comfortably numb at...


Thousands of spatulas to choose from, in every shape, size and color! Where do you go to find name brand spatulas at a fraction of retail cost? SPATULA CITY!

 Looming like an everpresent monolith of retail kitchenware over that which is the World Wide Web, we specialize in links, pics, and writings of the sillyweird and bizarredisturbing. Garunteed to affect you in a positive manner or your packets back. G'wan, poke around. But make sure you read the WARNING! first. 



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We sell spatulas; and that's all.

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