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a web novel series of broomsticks, semiautomatics, and jetpacks.
by stefan gagne

The Complete Anachronauts Story Saga
(Or, use the Timeline of Stories or the Spoilery Timeline!)
first age
(the beginning)
forsaken shores
(+2 years)
london's fog
(+5 years)
stars fall
(+15 years)
a01 anachronisms
a02 weapons
a03 miracles
a04 reflections
a05 flowers
a06 invitations
a07 challengers
a08 saviors
a00 origins
      [book only]
fs01 transitions
fs02 decisions
fs03 originals
fs04 getaways
fs05 monsters
fs06 beginnings
       [book only]
lf01 alliances
lf02 tribes
lf03 parties
lf04 gears
lf05 variables

lf06 sacrifices
lf99 meddlers
      [book only]
sf00 the overture
sf01 the ascent
sf02 the purge
sf03 the bastille
sf04 the uprising
sf05 the fall
sf06 the new age
       [book only]
second age - side stories and oneshots
(+2 years) (+5-10 years)  
sa01 bargains
sa02 hunters
sa03 students
sa04 brains
sa05 wallflowers
sa06 neighbors
sa07 children
sa08 futurists
sa09 heroines
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