city of angles by stefan gagne
a web novel series of living a life amidst the twisted yet familiar

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News from the City of Angles

July 19th: Draft Complete
//023: Exit Interview which bright light stands in dark shadow, a man jumps out a window, and cleverness apparently wins the day.

July 19th: Blog Post
the seventh inning stretch

We're approaching the end! But in a way, that's only the beginning, as once all the stories are finished it'll be an excellent time to bring in new readers. Tell your friends about City of Angles!

Story updates post
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Stories from the City of Angles
 //001: Starting Out Sideways
//002: Orientation Express
//003: Kilroy Was Here
//004: Turn Left
//005: Wound Up Toys
//006: Glitch Beat
//007: Well Enough Alone
//008: Heart of the City
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\\00a: Are We There Yet?
\\00b: Special When Lit
\\00c: Hollow
 //009: Why Not
//010: Cleanup on Aisle Ten
//011: Signal Boost
//012: Go Gentle
//013: Inside Man
//014: Generation Zero
//015: What Goes Around
//016: Echo Chamber
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\\00d: Dogs of War
\\00e: Rain of Terror
(titles subject to change)
 //017: A Rival
//018: Soothsayer
//019: Final Cut
//020: Lost Girl
//021: Choke Point
//022: Trouble & Danger
//023: Exit Interview
//024: Little Monsters
//025: Dreamweaver
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\\00f: Spare Parts
\\00g: Out of Beta

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