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Official Artwork by Allison Barraza

(funded by my great Kickstarter backers!)
Penelope Gregory Dave Kelsey Hollister
Penelope Yates Gregory Yates Dave Smith Kelsey Jones Hollister Avenue
Marcy Vivi Cass Grandma Scarlett milly and lucas
Marcy Wei Vivi Wei Cass Scarlett Milly & Lucas
Gus Zero Echo and Bedlam Vivi Cass Dave and Kelsey
Gus Zero Echo & Bedlam Vivi Wei #2 Cass #2 Dave & Kelsey
Amanda Walker Amanda Walker vol//001 cover vol//002 cover vol//003 cover
Miranda Walker Ellie vol//001 Cover vol//002 Cover vol//003 Cover

RPG Campaigns

Available for free -- a role playing game campaign settings, so you can create your own City of Angles adventures, If you use these, let me know how it goes!

Fan Creativity

Zzzzz Picasso Was Here Bearable Bearable Bearable
Zzzzz by
Jen Sacchetti
Picasso Was Here
by Dee Hudson
by Tyler Elkink
Scarlett Sewing
by Jen Sacchetti
Seems Legit
by Jen Sacchetti
(//015 spoiler)
Gregory Needs a Shave Starlight bedlam echo flickers of life
Gregory Needs a
by Andy

A Song for a
Starlight Miracle

by Auran Lyrandar
...and the madness
stares back
Echo by
Flickers of Life
by Archon357

One of the goals of the City of Angles project is to provide plenty of fodder for artists to strut their stuff, playing with both the twisted setting of the city and the wide array of weirdos who live there. Whether you're a visual artist, a fanfic writer, a poet, a musician, a cosplayer, or whatever... if you've made something related to City of Angles, I'd love to showcase it!

Submit your creative work to me (Stefan Gagne) by email. I welcome anything you want to make! The following rules apply...

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