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Welcome to the Core Content.

Here, you can learn all about the core elements that make up the UE:OH multiverse.

If you're coming in after having read of all UE, you'll notice this is basically identical to the UE encyclopedia -- the main difference is that all pages have Protections listed at the bottom, usually simple things like "You can't destroy Antiparadisia" or "You can't kill Mellow Fellow or end his taxi service."

Also of note are the Forbidden UE Content listing, of characters you can't use in your stories, and several new entries with things that never appeared in the original series -- these are marked with purple stars. You'll definitely want to read about Reality Adepts and the Normalizers, for instance.

If you remember any content from the original UE series that doesn't appear here, such as a reality or a character that you might want to use in your work, contact Stefan Gagne and he'll consider adding it to the core for you!